Mirrors can add both depth and light to your room. ModelDeco.com offers a wide selection of decorative mirrors and framed mirrors, to add to your room. Browse square, round mirrors to floor mirrors, in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.

Mirrors added to your decor can create light and elegance to your home. Incorporate mirrors to add light, create the illusion of space or add a decorative element to your room. When shopping mirrors, keep in mind how the size, shape, and placement will enhance the look of your current room. There are so many ways to use mirrors to add interest in a room. Hang a long wall mirror in your foyer to add light, or use a floor mirror in your bedroom as you get ready in the morning. Hang decorative, mirrors in the bathrooms or powder room to add to the décor. You can cluster several round ones together to form a piece of art, or use a single sunburst-shaped one as a focal point for your space. Shop online to see all our mirrors at ModelDeco.com


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