Unexpected Location How about thinking outside the box when it comes to locating hanging fixtures? A pair of hanging fixtures above bedside tables in a guest room is a chic look. Or what about a fabulous linear fixture above a pool table in a game room? Even a sparkly chandelier in a walk-in closet is an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise!Hanging Bedside Light Fixtures Hanging light fixtures as Bedside lighting-Bedroom by Linfield Design[/

Double It Up Have you found a fabulous chandelier, but are worried it will be too small? Be fearless about using a pair of chandeliers. A long dining table, can look absolutely stunning with two matching statement chandeliers! Modern Hanging Dining Chandeliers Modern Hanging Dining Chandeliers-Dining Room by Linfield Design

Don’t Stop at the Walls A hanging pendant is really the icing on the cake, and finishes off the vibe of the room. Decorating does not stop at the walls, the ceiling and what hangs from it is important too. Make sure your hanging fixture relates to the style aimed to convey, and thus will polish off the room!Modern Bedroom Chandelier Modern Hanging Pendant - Bedroom by Linfield Design[/caption]

See these affordable Lighting Fixtures below to make a statement in your home at ModelDeco.com

Spool 16" Chandelier

Modern 16" Round Chandelier Spool 16" Chandelier

Modern Beam Stainless Steel Chandelier

Modern Beam Chandelier Modern Stainless Steel Beam Chandelier

Uttermost Pontoise 3 Light Drum Pendant

Modern Drum Pendant 3 Light Drum Pendant

Uttermost Zucca 1 Light Antique Gold Pendant

Modern Gold Pendant Light Modern Antique Gold Pendant

Bridge Vintage Modern Chandelier

Vintage Modern Chandelier Vintage Modern Chandelier


Visit ModeDeco.com for more lighting ideas.

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