June Series: Bringing the Beach to You (Part 3)

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For the West Coaster

Now that we’ve covered both the East and Gulf Coasts, it’s time to move to the west coast. When thinking of the side on the U.S. thoughts of valley girls and surfer dudes come to mind. However, old Hollywood glamour comes to mind as well. For those wanting to combine these two concepts to bring Cali to your home, no matter where your living quarters may be, try using clean pieces with modern touches.

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To achieve this look, here are some pieces from ModelDeco.com to get you started:

While jute rugs are the epitome of beach style, for those wanting a softer touch try a plush rug in neutral tones. Tans and whites will keep the light and airy feel, but without the rough texture of the jute material.


Stripes are always a classic and easy go-to for any beach look. However, if you are wanting something a little more glamorous, try choosing a more modern piece that contains a striped fabric. For example, this chair from ModelDeco.com using a classic black and white stripe for the fabric and is paired effortlessly with a gold metal base.


Driftwood is an easy accessory to any space in your home. To give off a more modern or glamorous touch, try selecting a driftwood sculpture or metal imitation that has a metallic finish.


As always, mirrors are perfect for any coastal home. Mirrors reflect any and all light in a space, allowing the space to feel larger and lighter. For this look try using other mirrors pieces, such as tables and chests, to give even more reflection in the space.


As mentioned above, you can never go wrong incorporating stripes into your beach house design. To add a modern touch try including stripes that use other materials. For example, this bench from ModelDeco.com uses alternating wood and metal stripes that creates a more modern take on the classic pattern.


Chandeliers create a feeling of glamour and elegance. A more laid back approach can be seen below. By using rope and steel, the fixture has a more coastal appearance and the Edison bulbs add a modern aspect to the piece. Combining these three elements makes for a perfect fixture to achieve this look.




Check out more pieces at Modeldeco.com

Have a style you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!

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