Double Up to Create a Visual Impact in any Room!

When you want to create a new look in your home pair identical items. Instead of one coffee table go for two tables and place them side by side for stronger visual impact. Having two identical coffee tables will also give you more flexibility and can be a great solution when you need a larger table.


If your seating area is extra-large you can space them to fit the furniture arrangement.

But tables are not the only items you can pair together. Consider lighting as another way to not only create an impact but also provide extra lighting in a living room or dining room. We were designing a dining room with a large dining table and to compliment the size and light up the space we installed two chandeliers over the table. Visit online store for products.

Two Chandeliers | Linfield Design

In this living room it had a two story ceiling and was large enough to accommodate two chandeliers. The chandeliers created a dramatic feel to the room and better lighting.

Have a sizeable space and aren't sure how to fill it? Consider facing two sectionals across from each other. You’ll create a cozy atmosphere with a ton of seating.

The other identical pieces that can be paired together are mirrors and wall art. When you cannot find that perfect item to fit your room maybe instead you can just buy two of the same item. has many products seen in these photos.

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