Build and Design a “She Shed”

What is a “She Shed”?

A “She Shed” is a tiny house separate from the home and about the size of a shed. “She Sheds” are the women’s answer to the man cave to escape and enjoy her favorite activities or a quiet place to relax.

This is the women’s private and personal space to enjoy without leaving her home. The woman designs her retreat with her favorite things and hobbies.

How to build a “She Shed”

There are different options when adding a Shed. Since there popularity over the years there are Shed Kits you can buy and put together yourself or you can purchase an already built Shed.

Some women have one built from scratch and design it themselves. Whatever you decide be sure you check with your HOA and city for any restrictions.

Some things to consider:

  • What will be the purpose of your Shed?
  • Do you need electricity or plumbing?
  • Determine the space for the inside furnishings.
  • Where will you place the Shed?
  • Are you going to add windows or a porch?

Then have fun decorating with paint, shelves and anything else to make it your own.

“She Shed” Decorating Ideas

If you are decorating a “She Shed” it should be a relaxing space that you customize for your enjoyment. Make it fun without spending a fortune with some paint and personal items. Or if you prefer you can upgrade with new furniture, art and accessories. Some women take it to the next level by adding plumbing, windows, porches and more.

Design your “She Shed” for making pottery or an art studio. “She Sheds” are also used for a reading room or an office where you won’t be interrupted by everyday distractions.

Check out these “She Shed” Ideas

shed 1

A Reading Room Retreat.

In front of your “She Shed” add a patio lounge set to read outside on a beautiful day.


shed 2

Inside the Reading Room

A Tufted chair, bookshelves, and a neutral rug create a relaxing space to enjoy a book.

EEI-2146-SAN_1_030da508-7f38-4bac-b1f8-7c2a83ebb36a_grande EEI-2046-BRN-SET_1_1a39d1bd-be6f-44a3-b60b-6c454b2e4728_grande

shed 3

Yoga Room

This room is complete with nature artwork, bench and fun floor lamp to set the mood.

36100_2__1_grande  MATEOBELSD_grande 28641-1_2__1_grande

shed 4

shed 5

Enjoying Nature

I love the added touch of the crystal chandelier in this space.


shed 6

Gardening Shed

There are also inexpensive ways to decorate your shed by shopping at the flea market or antique shops.

shed 7

shed 8

Decorating the Outside

Fresh Paint, flower planters and custom doors are all ways to add to the outdoor look of your “She Shed” and make it unique.

shed 9

shed 10

The Craft Shack

If you love crafts above are some inspirational photos. Either build a table or buy a simple one to lay out your creations. Don’t forget a couple of barstools and fun lighting to pull it all together.

Jeannie_Lim_-_Claired_Counterstool_grande                          EEI-1222-WHI_1_f1126022-a701-4570-8b11-471414cb85d8_grande

shed 11

Art Studio

This studio includes a deck and some outdoor furniture to invite the girl friends over for a glass of wine and conversation.


shed 12

Office Space

Escape the distractions to your own study by adding a small desk, chair and lamp. Then you have room for a table and chairs for coffee or tea.

EEI-1186-WHI_1_4316e56e-9d94-4b9b-ba73-e3282be94495_grande   EEI-1531-RED_1_92f6c0dc-f514-46d2-991a-2d77b6e60d33_grande

“She Sheds” the woman’s answer to the Man Cave are showing up in backyards with Chandeliers, bistro tables, pillows and outdoor furniture for women to have a retreat of their own .





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