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With summer already in full swing, many people will be packing up and heading to the beach. However, for those of you who can’t make it to the sand and surf or simply want to feel like you’re at the beach all year long, here are some tips to give your home a beachy feel.

For the one who loves Nantucket

The Beach can mean many different things for different people. For those who prefer the north eastern coastline, try incorporating the classic red, white, and blue color palette. Stripes and old, distressed woods are also good options.



To achieve this look, here are some pieces from ModelDeco to get you started:

Jute rugs are a good option for beach homes not only for their aesthetic, but also for disguising the mounds of sand that get tracked into the house from the beach.

jute rug

Comfortable chairs are also a good option for curling up with your favorite book and watching the waves crash from your window.

tufted chair

Accessories such as driftwood help to bring the outdoors in and encourage the beach feeling..

uttermost balsam


Light, distressed woods are a good way to incorporate a Nantucket style into your home. The wear of the wood table add character and charm that one would normally find in a north east beach house.

uttermost cofee table

Mirrors help to bounce light around in a space. A piece such as this one would not only do so, but it also give off a rustic charm fitting of a beach house.

industrial mirror

Wicker and distressed woods are always good options when creating a Nantucket-like space.

dining chair

Stripes are great for coastal spaces due to their traditional design and simple colorways. Stick to a simple two color stripe for spaces like these. Rustic metals and rope accents are also good options for spaces like these.


When thinking of light fixtures, choose ones with simple designs that do not take away from the overall space.


Check out more pieces at

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