How does a Bohemian chic room pull off looking so completely effortless yet glam? Here are 5 ideas to get that eclectic look for your house:

  1. Bring on the color: Layering is how to pull this off. There are no wrong colors- and all colors “match” in this situation. Stick to your favorite colors and mix away.
  2. Fur is required: The layering of textures is essential for laid-back luxe. Add fur wherever possible- benches, pillows, etc.


  • Shag rugs are back: A thick shag rug softens the look and adds a cozy element to the space.
  • Layer: More is more with boho. Don’t be afraid to add collections of books, magazines, candles.


Pillow Frenzy: Pillows in multiple colors, patterns, and textures adds to the ambiance.


See my favorite products to create that Bohemian look:

 Contemporary Shag Rug  Silver Shag Rug Hand Woven Shag Rug


Rug #1 (on left): Contemporary Shag Rug

Rug #2 (center): Silver Shag Rug

Rug #3 (on right):  Hand Woven Shag Rug

Sheepskin Bench  Blue Modern Ottoman



Fur Bench (on left) Sheepskin Bench

Blue Stool (on Right) Moroccan Ottoman

Modern Gold Sofa   Modern Brown Sofa



Gold Sofa (on left):  Cognac Velvet Sofa

Brown Sofa (on right): Brown LAF Sectional

Mid Century Wood Coffee Table   Modern Glass Cocktail Table


Coffee Table (on left): Wooden Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table (on Right): Rectangle Cocktail Table


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